So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir (kindle, paper, audio)

50 Years of Ghost Movies (kindle)

Animal Movies Guide (kindle)

Hollywood Darkside (coming soon)


The Tragedy Man (kindle, audio)

City of Devils (kindle, paper)

Sex Death Rock N Roll (kindle, paper)

Fiction - Series

Dark Duet - Book 1 Immortal Confessions (kindle, paper)

Music at Midnight - Book 2 Immortal Confessions (kindle, paper)

Melody Mansion - Book 3 Immortal Confessions (coming soon)


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City of Devils

"Imagine the Brothers Grimm got together with Stephen King and had a literary baby." - Traci York, InternetG33k

The Tragedy Man

“First-class storyteller Staci Layne Wilson has a style that is all her own: from her wicked tongue-and-cheek insider play on words and names to the heart she puts into the tale." - TM Gray, Dark Wisdom Magazine

So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir

“So L.A. was an amazing read, and more importantly, uplifting. Your honesty can be felt through your words and it has inspired me to put the mistakes and regrets of the past behind me ...FOR GOOD!!! and choose to experience this life fully and joyfully in the NOW....Bless you for your courage. I continue to look forward to reading or watching any/all of your future projects. Again, Thank You so much...I am a better person having found your story.” – personal message from a reader