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Rock & Roll Nightmares Book Series is Published!

Rock & Roll Nightmares Books 1 - 3 are released in paperback and e-book. Audio coming soon.

Amazon or signed by the author.

Rock & Roll Nightmares: ’60s Edition


Tune in, turn on, and drop in to the rock & roll rabbit hole! Along Comes Scary is set in an alternate spooky ’60s where vampires play screaming guitars, hellbound hotrodders start a new trend on AM radio, and there are groupies who will do anything for a piece of their favorite band. Stories include Papa’s Got a Brand-New Body Bag, Hell-A Woman, and She’s Got a Ticket to Die.

10 stories by Staci Layne Wilson, Jeff Strand, Darren Gordon Smith, Marco Mannone, Renee Mallett, and Shane Bitterling.

Rock & Roll Nightmares: ’70s Edition


Take a chill pill, get ready to catch boogie fever, and turn it up to 11! Do You Fear Like We Do is set in an alternate scary ’70s where ‘disco inferno’ isn’t just a song tile, an FM radio DJ who works the graveyard shift finds out what ‘catch you on the flipside’ really means, and a rock band faces death flying the not-so-friendly skies. Stories include Tiny Danger, Comfortably Dumb, and While My Guitar Gently Reaps.

11 stories by Staci Layne Wilson, Curt Lambert, LeeAnne Rowe, Graydon Schlichter, Joel David Amos, Ruthanne Jagge, and Dr Oolong Seemingly.

Rock & Roll Nightmares: ’80s Edition


Break out the keytar, throw your horn-hands, and get ready to rock down to electric avenue! Gory Days is set in an alternate evil ’80s where androids take the stage, a washed-up rock star discovers the secret to time travel, and an aspiring musician puts her demo tape into the wrong hands. Stories include Don’t Stand So Close to Meat, Hip to Be Scared, and Dead Over Heels.

10 stories by Staci Layne Wilson, Mark Wheaton, Darren Gordon Smith, V. Castro, Sean McDonough, and Brenda Thatcher.


Short Stories set in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s

Rock & Roll Nightmares has all the sex, drugs, and broken dreams you can handle without going to rehab, plus musical fun facts interwoven throughout stories that are written by folks who know their music—and clearly love it. (Killer Queens Podcast)

Whether you’re a Metallica devotee or a Monkees disciple, you’re bound to be shocked by something in these books… but if you can’t laugh at the idea of pitting Phil Specter against Richard Ramirez in a fight to the death at the Cecil Hotel, then you’re not invited to the afterparty! (Classic Rock Memories)

Perfect for fans of Rock Stars Do the Dumbest Things and The Dirt—you will be laughing, grossed out, and scared to death all at once. (On Deck Book Review)

The anti-Summer of Love! The bands are still crazy after all these years, thanks to the twisted minds behind Rock & Roll Nightmares. Find out how the ‘27 Club’ really got started, discover why writing lyrics on a Ouija board is a bad idea, and if you think disco is dead you ain’t seen nothing yet. (Sucking in the ’70s Radio, Detroit, MI)

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