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MELODY MANSION new book cover reveal!

I am thrilled to share the cover art for my upcoming book MELODY MANSION. It’s book 3 of my “Immortal Confessions” vampire book series – but it’s also a standalone novel.

Book synopsis – When a fire destroys vampire Ashara Konrad’s New Orleans townhouse, she takes refuge at Melody Mansion, a place that hides appalling evil behind its inviting façade. Its owner, Carlos Da Silva, is a mysterious, alluring paranormal researcher whose curiosity about the afterlife leads to murderous acts. After Ashara’s true nature is revealed to him, Carlos thinks he’s found the perfect study material and he traps her deep inside his flower-filled fortress along with the restless, vengeful ghosts of those he’s wronged.

The book touches on the following: #rimbaud #marielaveau #voodoo #poisionousflowers #ghosts #restlessspirits #hauntedhouse #secretsocieties #roaring20s #neworleans #oldhollywood

Get MELODY MANSON on @AmazonKindle or/and paperback very soon via Third Street Press.

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