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Looks Like I'm Doing Something Right!

The quotes are starting to roll in for my upcoming film! Everyone can watch 'The Ventures: Stars on Guitars' on 12/08/20 on iTunes, Prime, Fandango Now, YouTube, & many more. Also on DVD orderable online via Amazon, Target, Walmart, & Best Buy.

“I loved it—a great music documentary, by any measure. The Ventures: Stars on Guitars will rock your world!” Scott Mantz, KTLA-TV

“Whether you are a guitar geek or if you are just a fan, you will love this film!” SiriusXM’s Volume hosts Nik Carter and Lori Majewski

“…beautifully chronicles the group’s record-setting 60-year journey of positively influencing music by mastering musicianship, sounds/techniques, and education, that will continue to inspire musicians for generations to come.” Bob Engelman, Guitar Digest

The Ventures: Stars on Guitars is simultaneously a love letter to the band, their music and their influence, but also embodies that “it” factor that has spurred countless souls to pick up a guitar and make their own musical mastery.” Joel D. Amos,

“This documentary captures the essence of The Ventures: Good times, great adventures, and cool surf music. Cowabunga!” Donna Balancia, California Rocker

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