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The Ventures: Stars on Guitars music documentary is ready for prime-time!

The Ventures: Stars on Guitars will have its first (non-public) screening tomorrow at the cast and crew party in Malibu on Saturday, October 26!

I’ve written and directed quite a few movies, but this is my first documentary—and it is truly the hardest (but hopefully most rewarding) thing I have ever done. Sorting through the maze of music rights alone is enough to turn Mother Theresa into the Tasmanian Devil. And there are so many moving parts, not the least of which was single-handedly coordinating 35+ interviews spanning several states and different countries. When making a narrative film, you have a script to follow and a fictional story that won’t step on anybody’s toes. But documentaries are about real people. They grow and stretch and morph as they’re being filmed, always changing shape until the final edit.

Thanks to the help of my family and music friends, The Ventures: Stars on Guitars features some of the biggest names in music. We have Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (Steely Dan), Lalo Schifrin (Academy Award winning composer of The Mission Impossible theme), John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival), and Billy Bob Thornton (The Boxmasters); plus female stars like Josie Cotton, Liz Brasher, The Surfrajettes, The Neptunas, and Ruiko of The Whys; insiders including Seymour Duncan (premier pickup maker), Del Casher (inventor of the wah-wah pedal), and we even tracked down the Surfing and Spying album cover model, Pleasant Gehman (aka: The Princess of Hollywood).

This is my dad’s story and I am so proud to be able to bring it to the world as a filmmaker.

Above is a sign up form for our newsletter to be delivered directly into your email box. Several people have asked to be kept informed of screening dates at the festivals and of any important news, and while we do have a social media presence that's not always the most reliable in terms of direct contact---so if you'd like to know when and where you can see The Ventures: Stars on Guitars on the big screen, PLEASE add your email address to the sign up form. I promise I will only send newsletters out when there is actual news!

Lastly, if you'd like to pre-order one of the gorgeous movie posters designed by Rob Kruse, you may do so here.

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