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Attack of the Killer Beach Umbrellas!

Watch Out for Impaling Beach Umbrellas of Death

Summer is hazardous. If it’s not cyclones full of Great Whites ala SHARKNADO, then it’s impaling beach umbrellas of death.

In case you have not seen the stories on the news—it seems there’s a perfect storm of wind and hot weather, which is causing an “attack of the killer beach umbrellas”—two sunbathers were pierced by airborne canopies at beaches in Michigan and New Jersey in the past week. (Here’s a safety video on how to properly secure your shade.) Fortunately, no one has been killed.

While I am sure some savvy screenwriter is pitching an “Attack of the Killer Beach Umbrellas!” project as we speak, I have the next best thing: a splash of terror set in Malibu called “Tasty Waves” in my new anthology CITY OF DEVILS. You’ll never guess what happens when surfer Bjorn meets a malicious mermaid just off the coast of Zuma.

In a 5-star review, Traci York writes, “Imagine the Brothers Grimm got together with Stephen King and had a literary baby. This spooky seaside tale has an awesome old school fairytale vibe, combined with a healthy toke of modern horror.”

Duke Days of Summer

CITY OF DEVILS is only available in paperback and kindle right now, but if you prefer audiobooks I suggest my mom Nancy Bacon’s memoir, LEGENDS AND LIPSTICK. Of the many celebrities she talks about knowing and working with, is John “Duke” Wayne.

Here’s a short snippet from the chapter “Satyr”—Mom talks about her boyfriend, the screenwriting and gossip columnist Jim Henaghan, playing a prank on Duke and Laurence Harvey on the set of THE ALAMO.

If you’d like to listen to the whole book, check it out at Audible.comLEGENDS AND LIPSTICK.

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