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.99 on the 4th of July

Toto had a hit with a song called 99, and so did Nena with 99 Luftballoons. Jay-Z’s got 99 Problems. And don’t even get me started on 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… I mean, what are bottles of beer doing on a wall, anyway? No wonder they’re falling.

According to the book Life’s Little Mysteries: Answers to Fascinating Questions About the World Around You, price-tags ending in 9 are what’s known as “charm pricing” and that consumers are far more likely to purchase things for $9.99 over $10 and definitely $.99 over a dollar.

Let's put this to the test. My new book CITY OF DEVILS is on sale for 4th of July week in the Kindle store at… yes, you guessed it: .99 cents. If you’ve been on the fence about reading it, now’s the time. That's 95% off. Sale ends in two days! Get it here

= = =

And in complete;y unrelated news: My interview with rock music legend Randy Bachman (of The Guess Who [American Woman] and BTO [Taking Care of Business]) has just been posted to We Live Entertainment. Check it out here

#99cents #charmpricing #onsale #cityofdevils #randybachman

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