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Where Do Ghosts Live?

In boooooks, of course!

If you were around in L.A. in the 80s, then you probably remember Wally George, the controversial, conservative pundit and host of a talk show called Hot Seat. (Fun fact: he’s Rebecca De Mornay’s dad… Happy Father’s Day!)

George sat at a presidential-style desk in front of a huge American flag and a photo of the space shuttle launch, captioned “USA is #1.” He was forever red-faced, irate, yelling about “ludicrous liberal lunatics,” and had a comb-over helmet of blonde hair. (Remind you of anyone?) His live studio audience loved him for his outspoken antics, raising their fists in the air and yelling “Wal-ly! Wal-ly! Wal-ly!”

Though he died practically penniless in 2003, George’s aggressive approach influenced an entire generation of histrionic talk shows — from Jerry Springer to Glenn Beck to Bill O’Reilly. His dubious superstar status lives on. [click image to watch Wally take on GWAR!]

Wally Takes on GWAR

Even I’m culpable in helping keep the Wally legend alive. People often ask me where I get my ideas for the fiction I write. I’ll admit, some of my stories are pretty out-there! For one of the most pivotal scenes in my new horror novel and audiobook THE TRAGEDY MAN, I based a derisive talk-show host on none other than Wally George.

The main character in my book is Cary, an author who finds success in writing the very stuff he detests: trashy horror novels. When his publisher sends him on a book tour, Cary finds himself in the “hot seat” of Al Jackson’s ambush-style talk show. Let’s take a listen, shall we? [click image below]

Audio Clip of The Tragedy Man

THE TRAGEDY MAN is now available on and since you’re so cool, I figured I’d give you the opportunity to win a free copy. All you have to do is email me and say you’d like to win. The deadline is Wednesday June 20 at midnight where ever you are. I’ll announce the winner in next week’s blog.

Link to Audible Dot Com

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