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"Lordy, I Hope There's a Blog!"

Your hope is my command. Sorry for the six-week silent treatment! I’ve been so busy that the days have flown by.

Double Vision: SO L.A. and LEGENDS AND LIPSTICK I’m thrilled to announce that shortly after my sold-out book signing at DARK DELICACIES, I did another one – a Mother’s Day special with my mom, Nancy Bacon – at GIG HARBOR BOOK CO. It was such an amazing feeling, signing paperbacks side-by-side with the woman who inspired me to become a writer!

If you missed the book signings, that’s OK: you can still get autographed copies via mail. Order now There’s also Kindle, for you gadgety folks. Oh, and by the by…. the download of my book, SO L.A. is huge. Amazon dings me for that, so I will soon be removing the photos and reissuing it in its new, svelte file size. If you would like to read the version that’s packed with pics, then I suggest you order it now. Here's the link Listen Up: HORROR HAPPENS I was on Jay Kay’s HORROR HAPPENS podcast, talking about my book and film projects. Jay is a great interviewer and this is a super-entertaining show – so give it a listen! Also chatted it up on The Bill and Sheri Show, and Awesome 80s Podcast And later on this month, you can catch my airwaves here: The Dorkening, Horrific Network Podcast, and Your Weekly Dose. PSYCHO THERAPY’s Crazy Success Continues! Since last I checked in, the short film I wrote and directed for Philly Chick Pictures, PSYCHO THERAPY, has won a few more awards. It’s really been such an incredible experience, and I am so grateful that folks are enjoying it. Here’s a pic of Brooke Lewis, Ricky Dean Logan and I after having accepted our Los Angeles Movie Awards.


CHAPLIN GOLD FILM AWARD BEST ACTRESS - BROOKE LEWIS CHAPLIN GOLD FILM AWARD BEST ACTOR - RICKY DEAN LOGAN It also won the Silver Lei at the Honolulu Film Festival, and it’s an Official Selection for the awesome Action on Film Festival (quite a feat, since 98% of the time in the film, the characters are sitting down! 😉) ROGER and ME

Interviewing one of my all-time faves, Roger Corman, at Etheria Film Night. I've talked to Mr. Corman many times over the past 10+ years, and he is always so kind, well-spoken, and inspiring. If only I'd been directing movies in the 1970s! Would have loved to have worked with him. When I showed him my first short film, The Key to Annabel Lee, I was beyond complimented when he told me not only did he like it but that I really captured the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe. Since his own Poe adaptations from the 1960s are films that I love, I was truly touched. Roger is the best! And it was wonderful to see him present the Etheria lifetime achievement award to Stephanie Rothman, director of The Velvet Vampire (and many others produced by him) Here’s my writeup at

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