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All Booked Up!

I noticed that I’ve been acquiring books at a faster rate than I can read them. Some were sent by publicists, some were given as gifts, and some were inherited from friends who downsized, but I must confess that most were bought by me and thrown on the to-be-read stack.

I decided to count them, and came up with the alarming number of 50. Even more alarming is the fact I’ve had some books sitting there for the better part of a decade (sorry, Stieg Larsson).

Here’s an overview of inviting spines…

…you may notice a preponderance of fiction, leading you to believe I love fiction. Actually, it’s my last resort so that’s why there’s so much left over. I tend to dive right into biographies and memoirs first, then true crime, books I need to review on deadline, then anything topical or sociopolitical, assorted how-to or historical, and, finally, fiction. (Unless it’s by a fave author, such as Michael Connelly or Gillian Flynn.)

What’s your criteria for choosing which book to read first?

#book #reading #bookworm #toberead

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