Immortal Confessions - Vampire Series - Paperback

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These music-themed paranormal mysteries follow sexy vampires Ashara and Liam throughout history, deep-diving into their adventures with ghosts, voodoo queens, and other magical beings. Book 1 is Dark Duet, which takes place in 1971, and Book 2 is Music at Midnight, which takes place in the year 2000 - both are set against a backdrop of rock music. Book 3, Melody Mansion, features some of the same characters but is a standalone novel. It is set (mostly) in new Orleans in the 1920s.

Readers say:

"...filled with surprises and clever writing that finds a perfect balance of suspense, sensuality, and playful fun- except those pages devoted to dragging you down dark and spooky staircases of frightful horror."

"Smart, original, and sly with a great new spin on the vampire mythos."

"The Immortal Confessions series is head and shoulders better than any other recent Vampire series I've read in the last 20 years."

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