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This paperback is out of print. There is ONE copy left, and then that's it!

(However, if you prefer digital - Amazon Kindle has endless supply here.)

Praise for Animal Movies Guide

“Animal Movies Guide is not only an excellent home video resource, it’s an entertaining and insightful read. A neglected sub-genre finally has its movie guide and its champion in Staci Layne Wilson.”
John Fusco, Screenwriter: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Hidalgo

“Humorous and candid. A great reference guide!”
Deb Bulmer, Creator: Horse Fame

“An informative, charming book that every animal lover who watches movies will want to own. There is no other book like it.”
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, PhD, Author: Dogs Never Lie About Love

“Animal Movies Guide is a long overdue book. Anyone who loves sharing their lives with animals should have this book. It is a one-stop guide for every important animal-related movie made, along with interviews and more. Before you swing by the video store to rent your next video, check out Staci's book. Not only will you be reminded of movies you loved as a child, but you are sure to find new favorites as well. This one is a keeper and makes a great gift for the animal lovers in your life!”
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, Creator: Horse Tales for the Soul, and Dog Tales for the Soul book series

“Is Animal Movies Guide in fact a horror book belonging in a horror fan's library? Absolutely it is and does. While it's not limited solely to our genre, it certainly accords it the love and respect it deserves, and I can't imagine that any horror fan wouldn't also enjoy reading about beloved (and feared) animals in dramas, comedies, westerns, etc. Where else can you learn about both Cujo and Old Yeller? Cat People and The Cat From Outer Space? Apes like Curious George and Amy from Congo? All in one convenient, easy-to-read, and extremely entertaining package.”
Debi Moore: Dread Central

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