Requiem for a Rabbit

Nancy Edna Bacon, who was born on August 16, 1939, loathed her middle name. She wasn’t especially fond of her first name, either. But she did love bacon. Extra crispy, if you please. When she went into pinup modeling in the 1950s, she took on the “initials: BB” mantle, going by Buni Bacon—and was dubbed “Bacon and Legs” by her many admirers. Her friends called her “Rabbit.” Standing just five-foot-two, her shapely stems took her from the farm she grew up on in Ellensburg, WA., to Las Vegas, NV., as a runaway adventurer with a fake I.D. and a penchant for making friends in high places. In fact, when Nancy was working as a cocktail-waitress at The Sands, she became the darling of the local cel