Attack of the Killer Beach Umbrellas!

Watch Out for Impaling Beach Umbrellas of Death Summer is hazardous. If it’s not cyclones full of Great Whites ala SHARKNADO, then it’s impaling beach umbrellas of death. In case you have not seen the stories on the news—it seems there’s a perfect storm of wind and hot weather, which is causing an “attack of the killer beach umbrellas”—two sunbathers were pierced by airborne canopies at beaches in Michigan and New Jersey in the past week. (Here’s a safety video on how to properly secure your shade.) Fortunately, no one has been killed. While I am sure some savvy screenwriter is pitching an “Attack of the Killer Beach Umbrellas!” project as we speak, I have the next best thing: a splash of te

Should You Listen to Those Little Voices in Your Head?

People with psychotic disorders hear voices that are not their own… but so do folks who listen to audiobooks. If you’re not riding the Audible bandwagon yet, and you’re a member of Prime, now is the time. This is pretty cool: If you’re signed up with Amazon Prime, Audible is giving you early access to Prime Day savings! Prime Day starts July 16, 2018 but as an Amazon Prime Member you can save now. Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Audible: • 3 months for $4.95/month—that’s 66% off • 1 credit a month, good for any book regardless of price • Your own amazing library—keep your audiobooks forever • Easy exchanges. Don't love a book? Swap it for free • No commitment, cancel anytime. Now

.99 on the 4th of July

Toto had a hit with a song called 99, and so did Nena with 99 Luftballoons. Jay-Z’s got 99 Problems. And don’t even get me started on 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… I mean, what are bottles of beer doing on a wall, anyway? No wonder they’re falling. According to the book Life’s Little Mysteries: Answers to Fascinating Questions About the World Around You, price-tags ending in 9 are what’s known as “charm pricing” and that consumers are far more likely to purchase things for $9.99 over $10 and definitely $.99 over a dollar. Let's put this to the test. My new book CITY OF DEVILS is on sale for 4th of July week in the Kindle store at… yes, you guessed it: .99 cents. If you’ve been on the fence