#MeToo is No Laughing Matter...?

There’s nothing funny at all about sexual harassment. There’s nothing even slightly amusing about death, but we see it being laughed at all the time – from The Darwin Awards, to Spike TV’s 1000 Ways to Die, and right on up to the Academy Award winning feature Get Out which is rife with subtle gallows humor. And how many times have you seen “LOL” written in a text on Facebook in response to something that is not even remotely hilarious? Sometimes it is necessary, or cathartic at least, to explore things that are horrifying in a fictional setting. Like horror movies. Or scary books. In this case, we are safe. We have the control. We are not truly in danger, but we still get that adrenaline rus

Small Is Scary!

I’m more scared of bullets than bombs. I worry more about nanobots than I do an invasion of giant robots. Maybe it stems from the first horror I movie I saw as a kid that really and truly frightened me: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (the original, not the remake!), in which a coven of diminutive demons terrorize a full-grown woman and eventually drag her to their dark lair. To me, that was more chilling than a 6’5” Jason Voorhees crashing through the woods. But it’s not just me. Pretty much all people are freaked out by cockroaches scuttling in the dark and going up our leg or the thought of spiders crawling into our mouths we sleep. Mice and rats, cute as they are, are another tried-and-true