"Lordy, I Hope There's a Blog!"

Your hope is my command. Sorry for the six-week silent treatment! I’ve been so busy that the days have flown by. Double Vision: SO L.A. and LEGENDS AND LIPSTICK I’m thrilled to announce that shortly after my sold-out book signing at DARK DELICACIES, I did another one – a Mother’s Day special with my mom, Nancy Bacon – at GIG HARBOR BOOK CO. It was such an amazing feeling, signing paperbacks side-by-side with the woman who inspired me to become a writer! If you missed the book signings, that’s OK: you can still get autographed copies via mail. Order now There’s also Kindle, for you gadgety folks. Oh, and by the by…. the download of my book, SO L.A. is huge. Amazon dings me for that, so