“So L.A. – A Hollywood Memoir” SOLD OUT!

Soooo, we sold all the copies of my book at the very first signing. Which, of course, was at my fave reading-rave, Dark Delicacies Book Store in Burbank. I’m happy the signing was a success (I had visions of blowing dust off a stack of unsold books at the end) but even better is the fact that so many friends showed up to support. That’s what I love about the so-called “horror community” here in Los Angeles. We are a loyal lot, and we do the best we can to help each other out in our creative endeavors. The books, of course, can never sell out on Amazon. So, you can still get copies there – Kindle, too! – or if you have your heart set on a signed paperback, simply click books/buy here on my si