I just typed "The End"

I finished my book So L.A. – A Hollywood Memoir a couple of weeks ago. I felt accomplished, relieved, happy, excited to share, and anxious all at once! The anxiety comes from two places: one is knowing that my work has only just begun… now comes all the publicity-pushing which, like most authors, I hate having to do. The second reason for feeling a bit of unease is, since it’s my life story, wondering how the people I’ve told stories about will feel – everyone from my mom to Keanu Reeves. (OK, chances are slim Keanu’s gonna pick up a copy.) The stories, though not always happy, are ones that resonate with me. These are my truths, and hopefully my friends and family will understand and respec

The Enduring Orson Welles

When I posted this shot of Orson Welles (best guess: from the set of Chimes at Midnight) on Facebook last week, I got a ton of likes, loves and wows. What is it about Orson that endures? Is it because he wrote and directed Citizen Kane? It’s been lauded as the best movie of all time… but a lot of people (especially those of the Netflix generation) have never even seen it. Is it his hilarious outtakes for food and drink commercials? peas, please what wine? I recently watched the documentary about him, called Magician: The Astonishing Life of Orson Welles (the documentary, quite frankly, was not astonishing). I’ve always been a fan, for some reason… not many little kids are Orson Welles fans,